Company is tasked with developing multiplex mass spectrometric immunoassays.

NCI commissioned Intrinsic Bioprobes to develop technologies for the measurement of cancer-related proteins and peptides that improve diagnostic capabilities over the next two and a half years. NCI will provide about $1,130,272, while the company is responsible for $146,088.

“The purpose of this contract is to stimulate the development of multiplex mass spectrometric immunoassay for the detection of low-abundance, cancer-related proteins/peptides from bodily fluids,” explains Dobrin Nedelkov, Ph.D., the scientific director of Intrinsic Bioprobes. “The application of proteomics tools in the clinical setting lags far behind their use in basic science and drug discovery.

“The multiplex mass spectrometric immunoassays will bridge that gap, because they are highly specific and selective, have ultrasensitive detection capabilities and broad dynamic range, and require limited sample preparation. The mass spectrometric aspect of the assays also enables single-step detection of protein isoforms and their individual quantification, which is an important protein diversity aspect regularly overlooked in contemporary proteomics approaches.”

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