TGR Biosciences’ compound will be combined with Innocoll’s drug delivery platform.

Innocoll Technologies and TGR BioSciences will together evaluate the combination of the former’s collagen-based drug delivery technology, CollaRx®, with TGR Biosciences’ wound healing compound, TGR-265. Innocoll will incorporate TGR-265 into the CollaRx sponge and membrane formats. TGR BioSciences will fund development of the formulated products.

Innocoll states that its CollaRx platform is a biocompatible and fully bioresorbable collagen matrix for localized drug delivery. It comprises a purified type I fibrillar collagen and can be prepared in the form of a lyophilized sponge or film-cast membrane, according to the company. Both CollaRx formats can be surgically implanted or applied topically to wounds.

TGR BioSciences reports that TGR-265 is a naturally derived bioactive protein that in preclinical testing stimulated the fibrogenic response, production of host type 1 collagen, and deposition of extracellular matrix.

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