Ingenuity Pathways Analysis rated superior.
Ingenuity Systems will provide the central pathways analysis platform for AstraZeneca’s global R&D programs, according to a global licensing deal. “The need for pathways solutions is fundamental to our research and development efforts,” remarks Adriano Henney, director, discovery enabling capabilities and sciences, AstraZeneca. “So, for the past year, seven AstraZeneca sites in three countries thoroughly tested leading pathway analysis solutions based on stringent requirements. Ingenuity Pathways Analysis had superior depth and quality of content and provided the most relevant functionality that was easy to use across multiple therapeutic areas of interest. IPA was the considered choice to meet our needs.”

Ingenuity Pathways Analysis (IPA) is deployed in all major pharmaceutical companies and hundreds of biotechnology companies and academic institutions globally, according to Ingenuity Systems. IPA is a software application that enables researchers to model, analyze, and understand complex biological systems. It supports analysis of all high-throughput analysis platforms and is used in drug discovery and development from target identification and validation to biomarkers, predictive toxicology, and pharmacogenomics.

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