Radilex has potential for treating therapeutic and nontherapeutic radiation exposure.

The Company will work with TGen to
ImmuneRegen BioSciences inked an agreement with the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen). The parties will collaborate to identify and develop innovative solutions to mitigate the side effects of radiation therapy in cancer patients using ImmuneRegen’s Radilex™.

The parties believe that the solutions, based on completed and ongoing animal and cell culture studies, may also mitigate the effects of nontherapeutic radiation exposure. Radilex has already demonstrated, through animal studies, the potential for treatment of acute radiation syndrome  following lethal doses of radiation. Non-therapeutic radiation exposures might result following the explosion of a radiological dispersion device (dirty bomb) or nuclear weapon.

Battelle will perform additional specialized laboratory services supporting additional studies of the biological and radiological effectiveness of Radilex.

“Based upon the results we have seen with Radilex to date in high-dose radiation exposure, we believe that the potential exists to apply the compound to the treatment of low-level radiation exposure,” states Michael Wilhelm, ImmuneRegen CEO.

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