ImmuneRegen’s compound combined with DelSite’s drug delivery platform will be evaluated in influenza.

ImmuneRegen® BioSciences and DelSite Biotechnologies are joining forces to develop a new vaccine adjuvant system. While the initial focus is on a flu vaccine, the goal is to provide a vaccine with immediate and sustained immunostimulation against various pathogens.

The partnership will begin with testing ImmuneRegen’s preclinical-stage adjuvant compound, Viprovex®, coupled with DelSite’s adjuvant system based on the polymer GelSite®. DelSite says that its drug delivery technology supports injection and intranasal administration of vaccines and drugs and can be engineered for sustained release of active ingredients over a period of minutes, days, or weeks.

“Viprovex has already shown strength in fighting contagious diseases including two common influenza strains found in humans, H1N1 and H3N2, as well as the potentially pandemic H5N1,” according to Michael Wilhelm, president and CEO of ImmuneRegen.

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