System ensures molecular stability throughout the sample preparation process.

Illumina inked a co-marketing agremeement with Covaris under which the latter’s DNA-shearing technologies will represent the preferred method with Illumina’s next generation sequencing platforms including the HiSeq, HiScanSQ, and Genome Analyzer.

The firms claim the Covaris system is isothermal and non-contact, ensuring molecular stability throughout the sample preparation process. It also facilities higher recoveries for nucleic acid extraction, tissue homogenization, chromatin shearing, protein digestion, and cell lysis, they point out.

Covaris specializes in providing sample preparation systems for a range of applications including next generation sequencing, ChIP proteomics, and compound management. The firm claims its Adaptive Focused Acoustic (AFA) technology offers unmatched speed and efficiency for biological and chemical sample preparation. 

AFA was derived by incorporating advances in medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging and therapeutic lithotripsy applications such as the high-intensity focused ultrasound-based acoustic disruption of kidney stones. This core technology when coupled with advanced microprocessor and robotic controls, is able to provide diverse, beneficial applications for the life sciences, according to Covaris.

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