Illumina has two new genotyping products for performing whole genome and focused SNP genotyping.

The new HumanHap550+ product allows the addition of up to 120,000 custom SNP markers to supplement the standard content provided on the existing HumanHap550 BeadChip, yielding up to 670,000 markers for association studies, according to the company. For focused-content applications, the new iSelect Infinium product allows customers to create a custom array of up to 60,000 SNP markers per sample with 12 samples per chip. The multisample offering, the company notes, will typically be used by researchers who have already performed whole-genome genotyping and/or have narrowed down SNPs of interest.

Illumina is offering custom Infinium genotyping solutions as either a product or a service and has already found its first customer for genotyping services. Illumina signed an agreement with J&J to develop custom SNP content for a multisample Sentrix® BeadChip.

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