Firm offers FusionPrimers and Rapid Libary MID Adaptor Oligos for amplicon or shotgun sequencing.

Custom oligos firm Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) signed an exclusive deal with the Roche company, 454 Life Sciences, for the provision of custom primers for GS FLX Titanium Chemistry used on the latter’s GS FLX  and GS Junior systems. The products will be available as FusionPrimers or Rapid Library MID (Molecular Identification) Adaptor Oligos for amplicon or shotgun sequencing.

IDT says the GS FLX Titanium FusionPrimers have a 25 base-pair fixed sequence at the 5’ end and are designed to enable sequencing of longer amplicons and increased reads per run. An MID sequence for the FusionPrimers is optional and acts as a molecular barcode to enable libraries to be multiplex and identified. The GS FLX Titanium RapidLibrary MID Adaptor Oligos are deisgned for shotgun sequencing and incorporate MIDs as standard, the firm adds. It suggests that these adaptors are ideal for sequencing a number of small samples in parallel.

In July IDT signed a three-year contract with Research Councils U.K. (RCUK) for the supply of synthetic oligonucleotides. RCUK coordinates the U.K.’s seven research councils. Back in April IDT and Australian firm Glycon partnered to bring IDT’s products and services to researchers in Australia. Through this deal Glycon is offering scientists in Australia local sales and technical support for IDT’s products to complement the latter’s existing global customer-care network.

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