Quantrix will act as an independent business unit with headquarters in Portland, ME.

IDBS has acquired Quantrix, a company that provides business modeling and analytics software and services. Quantrix will continue to operate as an independent business unit from its headquarters in Portland, ME. 

The companies have had a longstanding relationship under which Quantrix technology was licensed for use within IDBS’ E-WorkBook Suite, an electronic laboratory notebook. “This transaction allows us to accelerate the introduction of advanced modeling and analytics tools into our solutions for high-value areas in pharmaceutical and healthcare informatics, such as translational medicine and preclinical development,” remarks Neil Kipling, founder and CEO of IDBS.

The Quantrix Modeler provides business intelligence and performance management to customers in over 50 countries. It is available directly from the company and from its partners in Australia, Brazil, China, Chile, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, and the U.K.

“IDBS also recognizes the value of Quantrix technology for a broad range of vertical markets such as financial services, engineering, and manufacturing and will continue to invest in its ongoing development and commercialization,” Kipling adds. Quantrix has customers in markets including financial services, manufacturing, and engineering. 

A year ago IDBS took over InforSense, and the deal has already led to the release of new biomarker and diagnostics discovery applications that combine scientific data management and analytics, according to IDBS.

IDBS was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Guildford, U.K. It has a worldwide consulting and support presence, with offices in California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey in the U.S. as well as offices in Australia, China, EU, and Japan.

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