Collaboration is designed to help bring leading Chinese research into Western development.

HUYA Bioscience International has formed a partnership with Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIBH) that gives it exclusive rights of first review and negotiation for licensing and developing candidates owned or controlled by the Chinese Institute.

Sino-U.S. company HUYA specializes in partnering with both academic and commercial scientific organizations in China to bring promising compounds into the Western development arena. Searching for drug compounds that have already demonstrated promising results within China’s SFDA (State Food and Drug Administration) testing program, the company operates a co-development model.

This model leverages the capabilities of the Chinese partners during critical early stages of development and then partners compounds out to accelerate the development of drugs to Western standards. Schering-Plough and Solvay Pharmaceuticals are two companies that have already signed up with HUYA for access to lead preclinical and clinical drug candidates in specific therapeutic areas.

HUYA claims it is currently evaluating and following the progress of nearly 1,000 lead preclinical and clinical drug candidates including both chemical entities and biologics. These originating from dozens of universities, government research institutes, and commercial organizations in China. Approximately one out of three compounds in HUYA’s portfolio are IND-ready or post-IND and approximately one in six are in clinical development.

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