HumanZyme and PacificGMP entered into a partnership to manufacture clinical grade human growth factors and cytokines. The goal is to provide a source of these proteins to regenerative medicine developers to change stem cells into differentiated cell types that will be used to treat various diseases or injuries.

HumanZyme brings its HumanKine growth factor and cytokine product line to the partnership with PacificGMP, which has experience in manufacturing GMP-certified recombinant human proteins intended for human clinical use.

“PacificGMP has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and a very successful track record of manufacturing clinical grade proteins in the large quantities that are needed to support the demand generated by an approved therapy,” said Scott Coleridge, CEO of HumanZyme. “We are making our proprietary technology available to PacificGMP to enable the production of our HumanKine growth factors and cytokines which will help allow regenerative medicine companies to advance development of stem cell therapies.”

“HumanZyme’s production cell lines and culture conditions have the necessary features for easy adaption to a GMP environment,” added Gary Pierce, CEO of PacificGMP. “In addition, the human cells, the serum-free cell culture, and a completely animal component-free process will help ensure that the manufactured proteins are both bioactive and safe.”

A MedMarket Diligence report estimates that the tissue engineering and cell therapy market currently totals $12 billion on a global basis. The reports predicts that this number will increase to $32 billion by 2018.

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