Hadasit to be issued 19.99% equity in Immuron in exchange for oral immune modulation technology.

Hadasit, the technology transfer company of Hadassah Medical Organization, agreed to license its oral immune modulation technology to Immuron Limited in exchange for 19.99% equity in the company and royalties on products Immuron develops using the technology. Hadasit will also provide clinical and laboratory services to Immuron, and professor Yaron Ilan from Hadassah Medical Center will become the chief medical officer of Immuron. A special meeting of Immuron shareholders will be called next month to approve this share allocation.

“This transaction marks a turning point for Immuron in its quest to lay a firm scientific foundation for its own technology to address large unmet medical needs,” notes Zeil Rosenberg, M.D., CEO of Immuron.

Scientists from the Hadassah Medical Center claim to have demonstrated that the oral immune modulation approach, combined with dairy-derived antibodies and proteins used by Immuron can affect the activity level of regulatory T cells.

Initial clinical development by Immuron will focus on metabolic syndrome, chronic hepatitis C, and liver cancer. Immuron intends to market products developed from the combination of their existing protein and antibody technology with the oral immune modulation as medical food.

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