GVK Biosciences entered into a collaboration agreement with Endo Pharmaceuticals focused on discovering novel small molecules targeting a certain protein. Under this agreement, GVK BIO will deliver a clinical candidate and Endo will develop and commercialize the product arising out of this collaboration. The partnership comes from a newly launched concept at GVK BIO named Early Discovery Assets (EDA™).

“This collaboration confirms the value of our differentiated EDA concept, conceived to collaborate with pharmaceutical partners on discovery projects, from target to clinical candidates,” said Manni Kantipudi, CEO of GVK BIO.

GVK Biosciences, through its experience in computational chemistry, discovery biology, and medicinal chemistry, is building a portfolio of discovery project assets for potential early stage partnering. This early stage asset portfolio is focused around pain and inflammation.

Earlier this month, GVK BIO entered into a joint partnership with Onconova Therapeutics to develop new drugs for cancer. Onconova will provide two discovery targets with early chemical equity, while GVK BIO will use its multidisciplinary discovery platform to advance these programs through lead optimization and IND candidate selection.

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