Company will receive $147M upfront for Almorexant, which is in Phase III development.

GlaxoSmithKline  obtained exclusive, worldwide rights (excluding Japan) to co-develop and co-commercialize Actelion’s almorexant, an orexin receptor antagonist in Phase III development as a treatment for insomnia. Actelion will continue to lead the ongoing development program and potential registration for almorexant in the first indication, primary insomnia, with GSK contributing 40% of the costs. Almorexant will also be studied in other orexin-related disorders, and all costs related to these programs will be shared equally. 

Actelion will receive $147 million (150 million swiss francs) upfront and will be eligible for additional potential milestone payments of up to $407.21 million (415 million swiss francs) with the successful development and approval of almorexant in primary insomnia. In addition, Actelion will be eligible to receive additional milestone payments pending successful development of two other major indications for almorexant.

If all three indications are successfully registered, approved, and commercialized, and exceptional sales targets met for all these indications, Actelion would be eligible to receive additional potential milestone payments of up to $2.68 billion (2.735 billion swiss francs).

Actelion and GSK will equally share costs and profit in key pharmaceutical markets worldwide where they will co-commercialize almorexant. GSK will grant Actelion the right to assist in the commercialization, as a paid-for sales force, of a GSK product in certain countries and for a limited period of time. In emerging markets, GSK will commercialize the product exclusively, with Actelion receiving a share of profit.

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