Patent covers targeted processing of a plant-specific sugar residue.

Greenovation Biotech reports that the company received its first U.S. patent in the area of plant-based glyco-engineering. This patent offers wide-ranging protection for the targeted processing of a plant-specific sugar residue.

Scientists at greenovation Biotech have been working on improvements in biopharmaceuticals through glyco-engineering by designing production strains in moss. Through specific genetic modifications of the expression system, such as knockouts and the over-expression of glycosyltransferases, the sugar structures of the produced proteins could be adapted to those of human beings.

“The U.S. pharmaceuticals market is by far the market with the strongest turnover,” Gilbert Gorr, CSO, notes . “For this reason the granting of this patent is very significant for mapping out the future direction for our company.” greenovation Biotech believes that the U.S. patent will enable the company to build on its position as a manufacturer of therapeutic glycoproteins in plants.


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