Sequencing-based test detects a range of harmful and heritable mutations for each critical disease.

Good Start Genetics completed an $18 million Series A financing. The proceeds will be used to complete development and launch of the company’s prepregnancy genetic test. Additionally, Don Hardison, former COO of LabCorp and CEO of Exact Sciences, has been appointed president, CEO, and director of the company.

Good Start Genetics says that its DNA sequencing technology is designed to deliver a higher detection rate and improved clinical performance compared to currently available screening methods such as genotyping and SNP analysis. It can quickly and efficiently detect a much deeper range of potentially harmful and heritable mutations for each critical disease, according to the company.

Instead of offering its tests online or directly to consumers, the firm will offer its test exclusively through board-certified physicians, which it plans to begin doing in 2011. “It is our belief that the only way to make these truly important decisions is under the professional guidance of a physician, who can evaluate genetic information in the context of a patient’s comprehensive medical profile,” comments Hardison.

“Good Start Genetics is moving beyond the existing one-size-fits-all genetic testing paradigm because we believe that genetic information is a critical and a completely individual aspect of healthcare. Our product will allow physicians to select from a broad panel of disorders and customize their test order to meet the individual screening needs of each prospective parent.” The test will look for disorders including those recommended by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American College of Medical Genetics.

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