Firm is now a 75% share owner.

Geron has increased its stake in the joint venture entity TA Therapeutics (TAT) from 50% to 75%. The Biotechnology Research Corporation (BRC) of Hong Kong continues to hold the remaining 25% of the shares. TAT conducts R&D on telomerase activator drugs to restore the functional and regenerative capacity of cells.

“This is an opportune time for Geron, the development and commercial partner in the joint venture, to negotiate for a larger interest in the company,” states David J. Earp, Ph.D., Geron’s senior vp of business development and TAT director. “The company is now expanding its efforts in preclinical development and working toward the filing of an IND application with the FDA for a small molecule compound for the treatment of HIV/AIDS.”

TAT reports that it demonstrated that its lead drug candidate can significantly improve the proliferative capacity and anti-viral function of cytotoxic T cells from HIV/AIDS donors.

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