GeneSiftware cloud software will be combined with Ovation and Encore reagents.

Genetic analysis software firm Geospiza and sample preparation specialist NuGEN inked a co-marketing deal through which they will offer clients an integrated workflow for next-generation seqeuncing sample preparation, data analysis, and sample information. The new workflow will combine Geospiza’s GeneSifter® preconfigured lab and analysis cloud software with NuGEN’s Ovation® and Encore™ reagents.

NuGEN says its sample preparation technologies complement Geospiza’s platform. “Together NuGEN and Geospiza are developing a scalable integrated workflow that accelerates throughput and removes sample preparation and analysis bottlenecks in next-generation sequencing,” claims Elizabeth Hutt, NuGEN CEO. The resulting offering will “enable researchers to follow and document a step-by-step best practice for sample preparation combined with fully integrated data analysis and other sample information in one system,” adds Rob Arnold, Geospiza president.

NuGEN specializes in the development of amplification and labeling systems for genomic analysis. The latest deal with Geospiza follows on from NuGEN’s co-marketing deal with Caliper Life Sciences, signed in January, for the development of automated methods for next-generation sequencing sample preparation on Caliper’s Sciclone® NGS Workstation. The collaboration aims to enable researchers to leverage NuGEN’s Ovation® and Encore™ reagent solutions on Caliper’s liquid-handling platforms to automate the processing of a wide range of sample types.

Geospiza’s flagship GeneSifter Lab Edition platform, formerly known as FinchLab, is an out-of-the-box lab management system for next-gen sequencing data management and analysis. The firm’s GeneSiftware Analysis Edition is a cloud-based data analysis product for microarray and next-gen sequencing data.

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