Device will measure expression levels of two proteins that researchers found to correlate with response to platinum therapeutics and gemcitabine.

Genzyme obtained exclusive, worldwide diagnostic testing rights from Moffitt Cancer Center to its discovery of two proteins linked to non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) treatment response. Genzyme plans on developing a test that can be used to guide first-line treatment of platinum drugs and gemcitabine.

Gerold Bepler, M.D., reportedly showed that the expression levels of two proteins, RRM1 and ERCC1, correlate with patient response to platinum drugs and gemcitabine. Through this license, Genzyme plans to develop and market a test that can be used to measure the expression levels of these proteins in NSCLC patients.

Genzyme will make milestone payments to Moffitt. The company will also provide running royalties on the sales of licensed services and products.

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