Company claims glutathione-PEG liposome technology allows effective drug transport across BBB.

Genzyme and Netherlands-based to-BBB established a research collaboration to evaluate the use of the latter’s G-Technology™ to transport biologics against neurodegenerative diseases across the blood brain barrier (BBB).

G-Technology has been developed to transport different classes of drugs directly across this barrier using glutathione-coated liposomes. The company’s research partnership with Genzyme follows on from a similar agreement with MedImmune, signed in September.

Liposomal formulation allows the encapsulation of a wide range of compounds and biological molecules without changing their function and protecting them against degradation and immune responses, according to to-BBB. Coating liposomes with PEG further ensures a prolonged circulation time in plasma. Conjugation of glutathione to the tips of the PEG molecules targets the liposomes toward the active glutathione transporters on the blood-brain barrier, the firm explains.

to-BBB’s lead in-house project is 2B3-101, a G-Technology formulated doxorubicin, currently in preclinical development.  A Phase I/II trial is expected to start during the second half of 2010. Additional preclinical-stage in-house projects are ongoing in diseases including Alzheimer’s and lysosomal storage diseases.

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