Ergomed will evaluate the oral formulation of clinical-stage dolastatin analogue.

Genzyme signed on Germany-based CRO, Ergomed, for co-development of tasidotin, Genzyme’s anticancer candidate. As part of the collaboration agreement Ergomed will move the oral formulation of tasidotin, developed by Genzyme, into clinical trials.

A previous, Genzyme-sponsored Phase II trial with an intravenous formulation of tasidotin demonstrated clinical activity in melanoma patients. Genzyme says tasidotin, a dolastatin analogue, has a unique mechanism of action that appears to differ from other microtubule stabilizers such as taxanes and epothilones as well as tubulin inhibitors such as Vinca alkaloids.  The drug is believed to inhibit cell proliferation by suppressing spindle microtubule dynamics through a reduction of the shortening rate, reduction of the switching frequency from growth to shortening, and reduction of the time microtubules grow. 

Ergomed is a full-service CRO with access to its own Phase I unit for healthy volunteer studies as well as those in special populations and early phase oncology studies. The company offers a dual business model. In addition to standard clinical trial management contracts, Ergomed’s relationships with private and public funding bodies means it can also offer co-development partnership in the biotech field. Partnerships could include services in clinical development, consultancy, risk-sharing strategies, or financial support for client companies.

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