Arecor’s technology will be used to develop stable, high-strength formulations of labile biomolecules.

Genzyme and Arecor are joining forces to develop advanced formulations for protein therapeutics. The aim is to create stable, high-strength formulations of labile biomolecules. This agreement follows on from a two-year working relationship in which Arecor demonstrated that its technologies offer an improvement over conventional approaches in protein formulation.

“The Arecor technology has a demonstrated potential to significantly improve the stability of complex biologicals by using novel formulation design principles,” notes Robert Mattaliano, Ph.D., group vp of therapeutic protein R&D at Genzyme.

Arecor was established to provide formulation solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech companies developing drugs, vaccines, medical devices, and diagnostics. The firm developed Arestat™, a set of tools for stabilization, to enable the presentation of labile biologicals as stable aqueous formulations even at high concentrations or in situations where cold storage is not practical or desirable. Arestat can be incorporated into standard manufacturing practice, without covalent medication of the biologic and using excipients approved for the route of delivery.

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