Deal covers sequences indicative of alternative splicing in targets for antibody-based therapeutics.

Genmab inked an exclusive agreement with ExonHit Therapeutics for a selection of novel splice variants, identified as part of a successful pilot study, that have the potential to be therapeutic targets for breast cancer. Genmab retains exclusive development and commercialization rights on 10 events out of a breast cancer database developed using ExonHit’s genome-wide SpliceArray™ technology, an RNA-splicing analysis platform that covers the entire genome.

ExonHit applied its target discovery platform, which is built on the SpliceArray technology, to identify over 2,700 RNA sequences that are expressed specifically in breast cancer tissue. These sequences are part of a database that can be analyzed using workflows tailored to different target and therapeutic classes.

For example, over 400 sequences were identified that could lead to new epitopes for antibody discovery. Of particular interest are sequences with the potential to create novel epitopes in well-characterized cancer genes. A set of 10 such sequences that are indicative of alternative splicing events in targets suitable for developing antibody-based therapeutics have been retained by Genmab for further characterization.

Under the terms of the agreement, Genmab owns first negotiation rights on other epitopes that ExonHit further characterizes from this data. ExonHit retains full rights on all uses of the database.

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