GDC-0449 is being evaluated in first-line metastatic cancer.

Roche gained a license to commercialize Genentech’s colorectal cancer candidate outside the U.S. This small molecule Hedgehog pathway inhibitor called GDC-0449 is in Phase II testing in first-line metastatic disease.

GDC-0449 was discovered by Genentech, and Curis helped with preclinical validation studies. The terms of Curis’ collaboration agreement with Genentech, under which Curis is eligible to receive cash payments upon the successful achievement of certain clinical development and regulatory approval milestones, as well as royalties upon commercialization worldwide, remain unchanged.

Besides colorectal cancer, Genentech expects to initiate additional Phase II trials in advanced ovarian cancer this year and in advanced basal cell carcinoma in the first half of 2009, according to Curis.

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