New Rochelle, NY, February 27, 2013—Advances in biotechnology and genomics have enabled individuals to gain access to increasingly more accurate and detailed information about their genomes at decreasing costs, reports Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN). While learning about one’s genealogical genomic tree and individual genetic disease risks and susceptibilities has become more affordable, interpreting the data and establishing the optimal management strategies are opening challenges for both consumers and professionals, according to a recent issue of GEN.

“The availability of personal genetic data coupled with a rising number of mobile devices is making the field of portable genomics a rapidly emerging reality,” says John Sterling, editor-in-chief of GEN. “But the key question surrounding this revolutionary healthcare development is how well will the average person who gets hold of his or her genomic data understand not only the information per se but with its implications as well?”

Portable Genomics has emerged as the leader in developing software for the comprehensive visualization of personal genomic data. The firm primarily works with datasets provided by 23andMe, which provides genealogical and health-related genomic data. Portable Genomics rearranges full-genome data about diseases and traits into an mp3 structure, and provide a file that can be read by iTunes or any similar software.

Based on this digital media approach, Portable Genomics can take an individual’s genomic data and incorporate an algorithm into GeneGroove, an iPhone application that downloads 23andMe raw data and plays a unique tune from that key.

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