Company will use method for development of clinical diagnostics.

GE Healthcare granted NorDiag access to patents for the biomagnetic isolation of nucleic acids. The license is valid for the lifetime of the patents. “The license from GE Healthcare is important for us since it enables us to widen our portfolio of products for clinical diagnostics,” says Marten Wigst, CEO, NorDiag.

GE Healthcare reports that its methods for magnetic separation offer advantages over conventional techniques for the isolation and purification of biomolecules. In particular, it points out, the protocols allows for diagnosis from smaller-volume patient samples because they increase the yield of nucleic acid from disease-causing pathogens isolated from patient samples.

“This license recognizes the considerable value that our biomagnetic isolation technology can bring to the diagnosis of infectious diseases,” notes Eric Roman, general manager, genomic sciences, GE Healthcare. “We are pleased to grant NorDiag ASA access to our patents in this area, which will allow them to commercialize products that can isolate nucleic acids from difficult clinical samples.”

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