GE Healthcare and the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) are entering into an alliance to apply advanced cellular genomics technologies and strategies to improve and accelerate the discovery and development of new drugs.

GE Healthcare’s IN Cell Analyzer imaging systems are being used by researchers to analyze a variety of cellular processes in disease definition and drug development and TGen’s high throughput cellular analysis research program will be equipped with both the IN Cell Analyzer 3000 and 1000. The new imaging systems will enable TGen scientists to functionally interrogate the genome to identify and characterize cancer-associated genes that can be used to help develop more targeted medicines.

“This collaboration could result in a better understanding of the biological mechanisms involved in oncology, which are not currently well understood,” said Spyro Mousses, director, Pharmaceutical Genomics and Cancer Drug Development at TGen. “The imaging systems provided by GE allow us to observe cellular morphology more clearly and lets us collect multi-parametric information about how cells respond to specific genetic perturbations and to specific drug exposures. This gives our researchers a better view of the complex processes involved in regulating drug response in cancer cells.”

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