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Toronto, ON –GAO Tek Inc. has upgraded its TI Evaluation board. The newly developed board, GAO 2812EVM-II, is specially optimized for driving motors and control systems that are based on TMS320F2812 series DSPs. In addition, it uses independent power supply for AD sampling to avoid EMI from the CPU core.

It can also be used as a system control unit. The new features and improvements found in the GAO 2812EVM-II will aid rapid development.

Features include:

• On-board TMS320F2812 DSP, 32-bit fix-point Flash DSP, operating at 150Mhz

• 128K*16 bits on-chip Flash program memory, Flash encryptable

• 18K*16 bits on-chip SRAM

• 256 K*16 bits extended SRAM (basic configuration) (upgradable to 512K*16 bits)

• 512K*16 bits extended SRAM as program/data RAM

• 4K * 16 BOOT ROM and 1K * 16 OTP ROM on-chip

• 10M ethernet interface, compatible with NE2000

• 9 independent push button switches

• Eight LEDs, convenient for learning

• Power on reset and manual reset

• 1 RS-232 interface for PC communication

• 1 RS-485 interface

• 1 CAN2.0 provide interface

• 16 A / D inputs(12bit ,0 to 3v,80nS)

• 4 A / D outputs(12bit ,0 to 3v,80nS)

• 1 USB DEVICE interface, the USB standard to facilitate communication with the PC USB

• Audio input

• 12864 Chinese graphic LCD interface

• 1 DC motor control interface

• 1 stepper motor control interface

• 2 extended unshielded interrupt inputs

• 5 extended shielded interrupt inputs

• 8 digital input, 8 digital output

• On-board VL-Bus, data/address/control access terminals

• Provide CLK, CS2, CS2, CS6, RD, WR, CS1571, RS1581, EVA, EVB, IN1 to IN8, OUT1 to OUT8 signal testing points and debugging points

• Power supply through the jumpers can choose external power supply or power supply via the USB interface

• 4 graphic LCD fixed mounting hole

• 4 fixed mounting hole

• Interface/Driver circuit for DC motor and Servomotor

• Physical size: 220 * 160mm

For more information please visit http://www.gaotek.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=688

About GAO Tek Inc.

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