Compay’s service division will use adenoviral libraries and cellular assays to identify starting points.

Galapagos secured a E.U. grant of EUR500,000 for service division BioFocus DPI’s participation in Proligen, a research consortium focused on enhancing regeneration of injured kidneys. The Proligen consortium, comprising a number of European companies and universities, aims to improve the regenerative capacity of injured kidneys, using information derived from genomics, proteomics, and functional genomics.

Under the terms of the agreement, BioFocus DPI will use its SilenceSelect and FLeXSelect adenoviral libraries and cellular assay expertise to identify targets that can serve as starting points for the development of novel treatment methods for kidney injury. The resulting gene function information will provide the Proligen consortium the necessary tools to deliver new biologicals and cell-based therapies for kidney regeneration.

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