Global Genomics Group (G3) and Quintiles are teaming up to investigate biomarkers and biological pathways that could be used to develop diagnostic tools and treatments for cardiovascular diseases as part of the GLOBAL (Genetic LOci and Burden of Atherosclerotic Lesions) study. Per the agreement, Quintiles company Expression Analysis (EA) will be conducting RNA sequencing, miRNA sequencing, and methylation analysis for the study.

The GLOBAL study is said to be the largest pan-omic study, combining genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, and other areas of research with coronary computed tomographic angiography for phenotyping, which can allow the measurement of plaque volume as well as plaque composition, helping to classify disease in patients. The study’s aim is to identify disease-related pathways, new drug targets, and biomarkers for cardiovascular diseases including atherosclerosis. Last September, G3 likewise enlisted the help of Illumina to conduct whole-genome sequencing for the GLOBAL study.

G3’s CEO and co-founder Szilard Voros, M.D., said in a statement that enrollment in the GLOBAL study is ahead of schedule. He added, “RNA and microRNA sequencing, as well as methylation analysis, are cornerstones of functional genomics. EA’s expertise in this area will be advantageous as we investigate the biology of complex processes responsible for various cardiovascular diseases.”

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