Fujifilm Dimatix will supply Agilent Technologies with inkjet products based on semiconductor manufacturing technologies for use in life sciences applications. Agilent says that it uses the Fujifilm Dimatix inkjet technology to develop products that allow life scientists to target and analyze sequences of genetic material.

Fujifilm Dimatix says that it worked with Agilent to incorporate custom versions of the Dimatix Materials Cartridge (DMC) into Agilent’s life sciences applications. Specifically designed for R&D and feasibility testing, the cartridge-style printhead, based on Fujifilm Dimatix’ Shaped Piezo Silicon™ MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) technology, enables Fujifilm Dimatix to develop printhead features and product families that are small and versatile, explains John Higginson, vp engineering, deposition products.

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