Companies to develop 12 ANDA products within three to five years.

Frontage Laboratories expanded its R&D agreement with Beijing Second Pharmaceuticals and plans to collaborate with the company to develop 12 ANDA products within the next three to five years. These will be marketed in China, Europe, and the U.S. One of the products the companies developed was filed to the FDA in 2008 with more scheduled to be filed this year.

Under the agreement, Frontage will obtain a newly constructed 1,800 sq. m. R&D center as well as have continued access to the Chinese company’s GMP manufacturing areas. Beijing Second Pharmaceuticals is the ethical drug division of Beijing Pharmaceutical.

Frontage, which provides bioanalytical, preclinical, clinical, and drug development services, has operated in China for three years and has had an ongoing partnership with Beijing Pharma. In 2007, the company assisted Beijing Pharma in getting its manufacturing facilities to meet FDA and GMP requirements, in building its GMP systems, employee training, and product development efforts.

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