Stock-for-stock deal adds consumables and equipment to Fluorotechnics’ fluorescent research technology offerings.

To buttress its services and position in the electrophoresis market, Fluorotechnics plans to acquire ETC Elektrophorese-Technik in a stock-for-stock agreement.

Fluorotechnics focuses on the development of fluorescent research tools for proteomics, cell biology, and biochemistry research. ETC Elektrophorese-Technik will add high-end electrophoresis consumables and equipment used for diagnostics, quality control, and species identification.

The integrated company will retain its manufacturing bases in Sydney and Kirchentellinsfurt, Germany.

“This acquisition will allow us to cross-sell products to existing customers and to address new markets utilizing our joint expertise,” remarks Duncan Veal, CEO of Fluorotechnics. The company’s expanding sales and marketing team, and the potential of its products, Veal adds, “means that we are well-positioned for strong growth.”

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