IntegraGen will offer services based on Fluidigm systems.

Fluidigm and French genetic-testing services company IntegraGen formed a partnership that will allow IntegraGen to offer services using the Access Array™ sample-preparation system for next-generation sequencing and the Fluidigm BioMark™ System for genetic analysis. IntegraGen’s laboratory will also act as a demonstration site for Fluidigm’s technology.

The Access Array integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) has been developed to allow parallel amplification of 48 unique samples in a few hours. Every reaction combines both an amplicon-tagging and a barcoding step that enables all 48 amplicons to be multiplexed at the sequencing step, according to Fluidigm.

The BioMark product family has been designed to allow high-throughput research through IFCs known as dynamic arrays and digital arrays. The latter enable high-throughput digital PCR applications for investigations such as target quantitation, copy number variation, and mutation detection. The Dynamic arrays have been developed for applications including SNP genotyping and gene expression.

Commenting on the partnership, Emmanuel Martin, director of genomics services at IntegraGen, says that the Fluidigm technologies “complete the IntegraGen services portfolio and put our lab at the cutting edge of genotyping and next-generation sequencing capabilities.”

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