THEROS CancerTYPE ID test is designed to identify the primary cancer in patients with metastatic disease.

Ferrer InCode negotiated an exclusive, three-year deal to commercialize bioTheranostics’ THEROS CancerTYPE ID® test in Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Venezuela. The assay is designed to help physicians identify the primary cancer in patients with metastatic disease of otherwise unknown origin.

BioTheranostics is the cancer-focused molecular diagnostics subsidiary of bioMérieux. The company’s THEROS CancerTYPE ID works by measuring the expression of 92 cancer-related genes. BioTheranostics claims the test can help distinguish up to 39 different tumor types and 64 subtypes.

Under terms of the commercialization deal, Ferrer InCode will market the assay in its designated territories, and BioTheranostics will carry out all sample testing in its laboratory in San Diego. During October 2009, the company signed a two-year commercialization agreement for THEROS CancerTYPE ID with Lab21 covering the U.K., Ireland, and Middle East countries.

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