Rights cover compositions and methods for modulating the activity and state of these cells.

Fate Therapeutics has been granted exclusive intellectual property rights covering compositions and methods for supporting hematopoietic stem cells. This intellectual property is jointly owned by Children’s Hospital Boston and Massachusetts General Hospital.

The technologies obtained through this deal were developed by Leonard Zon, M.D., director of the stem cell program at Children’s Hospital Boston and a scientific founder of the company. They expand the firm’s IP portfolio for modulating the activity and state of stem cells.

Fate says it is gathering an intellectual property portfolio around creating a platform to develop stem cell modulators, small molecules, and biologics that will guide the development of stem cells for therapeutic purposes. The company’s first therapeutic candidate is scheduled to enter clinical trials in early 2009.

“Over the past two years, Fate Therapeutics has amassed extensive intellectual property assets as a foundation for our adult stem cell biology engine,” says Paul Grayson, president and CEO. “The agreement we signed today with Children’s Hospital and the technologies associated with it continue to expand our engine and accelerate the company’s core mission to develop small molecules and biologics that modulate adult stem cells for regenerative medicine.”

On April 23, Fate Therapeutics and Stemgent announced the formation an alliance called Catalyst to provide industry with access to the most advanced induced pluripotent stem cell technologies for drug discovery and developmentADNFCR-2184-ID-19171954-ADNFCR.

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