Enamine, a Ukraine-based provider of screening compounds, chemical building blocks, and discovery services, will be bestowing Exquiron Biotech with a novel diverse screening compound library, which will be made available by Exquiron to screening clients for hit discovery projects.

The library provided by Enamine reportedly includes a high number of diverse drug-like compounds. Exquiron and its clients will also have access to Enamine’s full range of chemistry expertise for post-screening follow-up.

“Offering high-quality chemistry to our clients is crucial,” Serge Parel, Ph.D., vp of chemistry and research informatics at Exquiron, commented. “We are impressed by the quality and novelty of Enamine’s compounds, coupled with their logistics and support services. Together we can offer clients excellent value.”

Exquiron describes itself as a newly formed Swiss company with service offerings in early stage drug discovery. Its services span from development of hit identification and profiling assays to compound selection, high-throughput screening, hit profiling and characterization, and SAR expansion.

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