Evommune and Accutar Biotechnology formed a new strategic partnership focused on the discovery of novel small molecule drug candidates in chronic inflammatory diseases. The collaboration will leverage Accutar’s proprietary AI platform as well as Evommune’s expertise in the design and development of novel oral small molecule treatments against targets that are the root cause of chronic immune-mediated inflammatory diseases, according to officials at both companies.

“We are excited to partner with Accutar as we work to identify and validate novel targets that could have a profound impact on chronic inflammatory diseases,” said Jeegar Patel, PhD, CSO of Evommune. “Accutar has a highly sophisticated hybrid approach of computational drug design and wet lab validation, and we plan to leverage this to overcome the limitations of traditional drug discovery methods on our targets of interest—allowing us to more efficiently design safe and efficacious therapies for complex chronic inflammatory diseases. Accutar is a team we know well, having collaborated with them on our current program targeting PKCθ, and we are thrilled to be expanding our partnership in a broader capacity.”

“Chronic inflammatory diseases represent the greatest threat to human health today, with nearly 60% of people in the U.S. alone suffering from at least one chronic condition,” added Jie Fan, PhD, CEO of Accutar. “By combining Evommune’s deep biological insights with our AI-empowered medicinal chemistry engine, and its application to the discovery and development of clinically differentiated medicine, we have great confidence we’ll be able to develop the next generation of therapies for chronic inflammatory diseases.”

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