Addition increases the performance of the assays.

Evogen will offer molecular diagnostics tests for clinical, biodefense, and environmental applications utilizing LGC’s HyBeacons chemistry. The HyBeacons PCR probe technology will be incorporated into its EvoCycler™ HD12 molecular diagnostics and detection platform.

“The addition of LGC’s HyBeacons technology to the EvoCycler platform substantially increases the performance of the assays that we will be providing to the clinical, environmental and biodefense markets,” reports Sean Reineke, president and CEO, Evogen.

Additionally under the terms of the worldwide license agreement, Evogen has exclusive and sublicensable rights to the HyBeacons technology within its key market areas. 

HyBeacons probes are short fluorescently labeled DNA sequences that can be designed to detect sections of DNA sequence with a genetic variation. The probes have unique characteristics that make them suitable for rapid diagnostic and point-of-care applications, according to the companies. Additionally, EvoCycler combines ultrarapid amplification together with detection within one integrated platform.


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