Officials at Eurofins MWG Operon, which offers next-gen sequencing services, say the company has installed a Convey Computer hybrid-core HC-2 ex system to handle its big data demands. Specifically, Eurofins acquired the Convey HC-2 ex to increase the computational capacity and speed the company needed to keep up with advances in NGS technologies, according to Bruno Poddevin, senior vp, genomic services.

“The hybrid-core system allows Eurofins to process massive amounts of sequence data and, in particular, to assemble even the largest genomes with optimal memory and runtime efficiency,” he continued. “[Its] installation is part of Eurofins’ strategic goal to grow our genomics business by investing in innovative equipment.”

Convey’s hybrid-core technology represents an advanced computing architecture that combines a traditional x86 environment with a reconfigurable coprocessor, added George Vacek, director of Convey’s life sciences division.

“Convey systems can reduce application run times from hours to minutes and address problems that normal commodity servers are incapable of addressing efficiently,” claimed Vacek. “Additionally, unlike clusters of x86 systems, the Convey HC-2 and HC-2ex servers provide higher performance with less power, space, and cooling.”

Last month Eurofins MWG Operon reported that it had entered the overnight oligonucleotide market in the U.S. Its new Express Oligo service can be ordered as late as 4:00 p.m. ET for delivery by 10:30 the next morning, said Poddevin.

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