Data-interface module will better combine ESA’s Corona CAD HPLC detector with Waters’ Empower 2 chromatography platform.

ESA Biosciences and Waters say that they are working together to integrate the ESA Corona® CAD® universal HPLC detector with the Waters Empower® 2 chromatography control and data-analysis platform. The Corona charged-aerosol detector is used to analyze chemical structures and molecules including small organic molecules, proteins, peptides, ions, carbohydrates, lipids, and polymers.

Many scientists in the pharmaceutical industry already combine the Empower 2 software-controlled LC System with the Corona CAD detector for applications ranging from excipient and formulation characterization and forced-degradation studies to impurity analysis, cleaning validations, and final product QC, according to the firms. They note, though, that this requires an additional data-interface module.

“By adding a new feature into our Empower software to control ESA’s detector, we’re giving our customers more choices and more ways to be successful,” says Bill Foley, director—product marketing, Waters.

The project is expected to be completed in the third quarter. ESA will then provide free of charge the Empower 2 software driver to existing Corona CAD customers.

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