Erbi Biosystems raised $3.8 million in a financing round led by Jaguar Biotech.

“This new funding allows us to expand manufacturing, sales, and support of our existing 2mL, TruePerfusion™ BreezTM bioreactor, while also funding further development of our technology platform and product pipeline,” said Michael Chiu, PhD, CEO of Woburn, MA-based Erbi Biosystems.

“We recently shipped three complete systems to a global biopharma who will use it to improve their media development capabilities, based on our ability to provide discreet system control in a very small footprint,” added Kathie Schneider, director of product management at Erbi Biosystems.

According to John Bonham-Carter, from Jaguar Biotech, “We see Erbi’s microfluidic platform as the future of bioprocessing,” Erbi Biosystems’ innovative and fully automated microfluidic cassette requires little wet ware time for scientists, thus saving time and accelerating process development.”

Michael Chiu noted that further product line extensions to include cell and gene therapies are expected next year, “where the current cost and lack of scale down tools can limit biotechs to move faster.”

The company’s microfluidic sensing and biological liquid handling methodology was initially developed by the founders while at MIT. Erbi’s technology will expand to cover all scaled down unit operations in bioprocessing, pointed out Chiu.

“The platform has the potential to transform CAR-T and other autologous therapies, in addition to traditional drugs and biologics, through its capability to work with very small volumes and automated processes,” he said.

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