Erasmus Medical Center purchased Infinium HD (High-Density) Human610-Quad BeadChips from Illumina for the analysis of 10,000 samples and a third scanner to support the Generation R Study.

“In our human genotyping facility, sample throughput is critical to our success,” says Andre Uitterlinden, of the department of Internal Medicine at Erasmus Medical Center. “With the Human610-Quad BeadChip we can increase our throughput four-fold, plus gain access to content only found on Illumina arrays.”

The Generation R Study focuses on identifying early environmental and genetic causes in four primary areas: growth and physical development, behavioral and cognitive development, diseases in childhood, and health and healthcare for pregnant women and children. It is a population-based prospective cohort study of almost 10,000 children and their parents. The Erasmus Medical Center, the Dutch government, and other industry partners is funding the Generation R Study.

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