Enzo anticipates that ColonSentry™ will be available in the second half of 2010.

Enzo Biochem obtained exclusive rights to market GeneNews’ ColonSentry™, a blood test for colorectal cancer, in New York and New Jersey. The company hopes to make the test available in the second half of 2010. 

Enzo will work to validate and seek approval for the test pursuant to New York, New Jersey, and CLIA requirements. It will also be responsible for marketing and securing third-party reimbursement for the test.

Enzo is GeneNews’ first U.S. regional marketing partner. ColonSentry is already available in Ontario and offers a noninvasive option for determining an individual’s current risk for colorectal cancer. It identifies telltale RNA biomarkers for early disease in blood samples.

“The greatest barrier to reducing mortality rates arising from colorectal cancer is patient compliance with screening,” according to Bernard Levin, M.D., chair of the GeneNews’ colorectal cancer clinical advisory board. “As a blood-based test, ColonSentry can encourage individuals to undergo screening, which could lead to earlier detection, thereby potentially reducing the suffering and death that can result from this highly treatable disease.”

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