Company obtained rights to do business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Enzo Biochem’s Enzo Clinical Labs division has been awarded a license for doing business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The firm notes that this marks the first of several moves to expand its position as a national provider of esoteric and high-value diagnostics. The lab, headquartered in Farmingdale, NY, currently has pending license applications with the states of Maine, Maryland, and California.

“In recent years, our company has invested heavily in the clinical lab—expanding our physical plant, adding advanced diagnostic equipment, and installing state of the art accounting systems and communications functionality—to speed accurate and prompt reports to our physician clients,” says Barry Weiner, president of Enzo Biochem. “Most notably, we have invested in top-level professionals, attracting to the lab highly regarded pathologists and experienced leaders in the diagnostics field.

“While we continue to perform routine testing, our expanded capabilities will enable our diagnostic laboratory facilities on Long Island to provide what we expect will be an increasing level of higher performance tests sent to us from physicians in all parts of the country,” Weiner adds.

Enzo’s portfolio of clinical diagnostic tests includes ColonSentry™ colon cancer risk-stratification assay, multiplex DNA sequencing, alternative amplification/detection methods for pathogens, and cytogenetic tests for cancer using its probe technology.

Enzo Biochem is an integrated life sciences and biotechnology company focused on developing research tools, diagnostics, and therapeutics. It also serves as a provider of test services to the medical community.

Enzo Life Sciences develops, produces, and markets labeling and detection products for the areas of gene sequencing, genetic analysis, and immunological research, among others. Its catalog of over 30,000 products serves the molecular biology, drug discovery, and pathology research markets worldwide.

Enzo Clinical Labs provides laboratory services for a growing roster of physicians in the New York Metropolitan area. Its tests include, in addition to routine tests, capabilities for detecting molecular infection disease, molecular oncology, autoimmune disorders, and genetics. It also provides clinical diagnostic services. Enzo Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical venture that has developed treatments in the areas of gastrointestinal, infectious, ophthalmic, and metabolic diseases.

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