Engineered Therapy: Ramping Up CAR-T Biomanufacturing Goals

Immunotherapies like CART are not only shaping the way that physicians can treat their patients but also how biopharmaceutical companies approach their future drug discovery and biomanufacturing projects. The success of CART therapies has made them an essential tool for treating diseases like cancer, and many areas of the world are trying to ramp up the productions of these vital cell therapies for those afflicted. Production scale-up is never an easy task, but thankfully the experts at the M Lab™ Collaboration Centers at Merck have the process development tools and knowledge to help scientists achieve their goals. 

Listen to this GENcast, where our panelists discuss the expansion of CAR-T operations at the Brazilian Hematology Center and how the M Lab team was able to rapidly get production pipelines flowing so patients could receive the treatments they needed. 



Victor Abramant
Process Development Scientist

Lucas Eduardo Botelho de Souza, PhD
Coordinator of the Gene Transfer Laboratory
Blood Center of Ribeirão Preto
(School of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto – University of São Paulo)