EMD Millipore’s discovery and development solutions business is now offering genomic biomarker services. Company officials say the purpose is to aid drug companies in targeting patient sub-groups for improved clinical outcomes, understanding drug safety and efficacy, and characterizing tumors. The new qPCR and pyrosequencing-based services add to the company’s existing protein- and cell-based solutions, which include ELISA, multiplex, and flow cytometry platforms, as well as its extensive experience in assay development, validation, and sample testings, according to Christina Shasserre, vp of discovery and development.

Researchers at EMD Millipore recently profiled transcription in gefitinib-treated non-small cell lung cancer cells by qRT-PCR. The genotypic and mRNA expression data were then cross-validated with protein expression using flow cytometry and multiplex assays, solidifying the connection between the genotype and phenotype of interest. These types of connections provide confidence to preclinical and clinical decision-makers regarding drug safety and efficacy, continued Shasserre.

“The drug development process is undergoing a paradigm shift from a ‘one size fits all’ model to ‘Precision Medicine,'” says Shasserre. “Genomic information remains a critical part of this transformation. At EMD Millipore, we have the platforms, the scientific expertise and the experience running assays to help our customers develop their genomic biomarkers and enable them to successfully deliver on this new paradigm.”

PricewaterhouseCoopers, which estimated the U.S. market for personalized medicine at $232 billion three years ago, projects that this number will grow to as much as $452 billion by 2015.

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