Assays will be further developed on point-of-care NEAT platform.

DxTerity Diagnostics acquired an IP portfolio from SourceMDx that includes blood-based gene expression assays for the early diagnosis of breast and lung cancer, along with a blood test for predicting survival and response to melanoma therapeutics. DxTerity is already working to further develop the assays using its NEAT (non-enzymatic amplification technology) platform for genomic testing.

DxTerity is exploiting its NEAT platform as a cost-effective point-of-care system for carrying out complex genomic tests. The technology is designed to simplify genetic assays by eliminating the need for sample purification and enzymatic amplification procedures. The approach instead replaces amplification with a highly specific chemical reaction and reduces the total number of steps required to perform a complex genetic test from 16 down to four, the firm claims.

The overall process is carried out in a disposable plastic cartridge on the NEAT instrument. DxTerity says NEAT can effectively multiplex the measurement of 80 genes, including direct analysis from complex samples such as whole blood, and generates results in just an hour.

The firm aims to offer both high- and low-throughput versions of the point-of-care device suitable for use in high-volume testing laboratories or in physicians’ offices and clinics where smaller test volumes are required. Each will feature a large, open test menu that allows for a wide variety of gene signatures to be tested.

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