Upfront’s fully disposable chromatography system will be coupled with DSM’s manufacturing platform.

DSM Biologics and Upfront Chromatography are collaborating to develop a integrated, disposable biologic manufacturing process. The new system is expected to be available for commercial use by the summer.

“Industrial chromatography systems were for many years thought to have no fully disposable solution,” points out Karen King, president, DSM. “Together with Upfront, we will be developing a combination of a unique disposable module and a high-yield cell line that will for the first time enable the creation of a fully integrated, disposable biologic manufacturing process.”

Under the agreement, Upfront’s fully disposable chromatography system will be optimized for use with DSM’s manufacturing technology. The combination will deliver a flexible, easy-to-use, and high-capacity bioprocessing platform that can be scaled from 0.1 L to 100 L for commercial manufacture and recovery of a range of biopharmaceuticals, according to the companies.

Upfront’s cGMP-manufactured adsorbents, fluid-processing platforms, and ligand chemistries enable the production of a fully disposable chromatography system for bioprocessing. This will bring together the high performance of affinity chromatography with the safety and cost-effectiveness of disposable components.

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