LibraGen will discover and develop relevant enzymes, while DSM will take care of large-scale manufacturing.

DSM and LibraGen are working together to develop new omega-transaminases for production of chiral amines. LibraGen will use its enzyme discovery and development expertise to identify new enzymes for efficient conversion of a large spectrum of ketons into optically pure R- and S-amines.

DSM will produce the enzymes at industrial scale using its fermentation capabilities and expression platform, PluGbug™. LibraGen will sell the enzymes in kit form. Both companies will be able to use the kits for screening and the development of biocatalytic processes for third parties.

“This collaboration with LibraGen grows the number of available large-scale biocatalysts and will contribute to increasing competitiveness of the transaminase technology for production of chiral amines,” notes Oliver May, competence manager biocatalysis at DSM Pharmaceutical Products.

“In addition, by combining LibraGen’s enzyme discovery and DSM’s manufacturing capabilities the development timelines from enzyme discovery and screening to final product delivery to our customers will be significantly reduced,” according to Ronald Gebhard, R&D director at DSM Pharmaceutical Products.

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